Thursday, July 21, 2011

Busy Summer Days

We've been pretty busy around here! Cade has just finished up his baseball season. They went 18-0 in the regular season! They played hard in some post season tournaments. And this past weekend was the district tourney but the boys just didn't bring their A game. They lost the game that would have sent them to the state tourney. I hate to end the season but it's been a good, long run! Really, so many families had things going on that it seems not going to state was a good thing!

We went to a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese on Saturday. Asa has been there before but only during the week and never to a party. When the party got loud I took Asa up into the climbing and slide area. He loved being up high and was just laughing and laughing!

He didn't mind the big Chuck E and even gave him a high five! Still the birthday balloon was more his size.

On Monday, my mom and I took my kids and my nephews to see Cars 2. Asa has never been to the movies because he isn't into TV and has sensory issues. But since we never really know how he'll react I decided to try Asa in a theater. Well, turns out Asa isn't a fan!!!! He did sit and watch the Buzz and Woody short at the beginning but he was not a fan of Cars. I had tried to prepare him for the show by telling him we were going to watch a big TV and it would be loud so we'd cover our ears. As I'd "cover our ears", Asa would hold his cheeks instead of his ears! So cute! It didn't help that it's 100 degrees here! Asa was over stimulated and gagging and hot so I drained his tummy and tried to take him into a store to cool off. Ha, the store wasn't even cool. After the movie we went to pizza place and I went to the bathroom to change his diaper. As I washed my hands Asa splashed in the sink! Why didn't I think of this before....the sink calmed him, cooled him off and kept him happy! Next time I'll remember that!!!!

Yesterday, we went to visit my SIL and took a nephew home. They just moved and have a splash park nearby. Asa wasn't a fan of the big sprays or getting splashed but he did like sitting and playing with this little fountain. They sprays didn't stay on but were activated by the kids. It seemed like the kids just ran from station to station to find the water. They exhausted me! Hehehe. We finished off the day at the neighborhood pool!

All in all, it's been a busy few weeks and we are tired!!

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