Sunday, August 28, 2011

Delayed but quick update

Wow, long time no post!! We are now the proud owners of high speed internet and Barry got Nexflix tonight. Why didn't anyone tell us that we'd been living under a rock?!?! We thought we'd be so excited to be in the real world but we've been too busy to toy around much. While browsing the available movies in Netflix I found several ancheit movies I want the kids to see. I'm sure they'll think my movies from the '80s are as cool as I remember them to be!

Gracie was sick a few days last week. On Wednesday morning she called from school saying she had strep. She hasn't had strep but she said that's what it felt like. And I agreed that the quick onset of a sore throat, headache, stomach ache and fever did seem very strep-like. The doc ran a swab but she took a shot without waiting on the results because it seemed so certain. Fast forward to Friday and she's still running a fever.... I called the clinic and turns out her strep test was negative! I also found out on Thursday night that Gracie had been using Asa's toothbrush.....because her's was outside! Don't ask me how her toothbrush got outside! I was certain As a would get this fun viral bug now! So far though he is fine, well, Asa fine!

Asa missed 2 days of school last week. I kept him out one day because Gracie just felt so bad that it wasn't worth getting her up and out for his 2 hour school day. And then once I found out about the toothbrush sharing I was convinced that he had the same virus and would contaminate his friends at school! And after 4 days home with me I'm pretty sure he is looking forward to school tomorrow! I know i 'm looking forward to it!

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