Sunday, August 7, 2011

Animal House

I'm not really an animal person. I guess I've had pets all my life they've just been the outside kind that you feed and pet but are pretty low maintenance! Unfortunately for me, we live in a drop off alley! I'm not sure why folks decide to leave random animals on our road but they do! Many times we feed the stray and call rabies control to get them. Some we do get spade or neutered and keep. Most recently we had 3 dogs that had been rescued by us at various times. One sweet girl got old and died. And just this spring a male was killed by other strays who weren't fixed so they bred and pack hunted! Gracie was the one who found the gruesome scene! Good times!

With a heartbroken Gracie and lone female dog left, we went on a search for a house dog! I had to be pretty picky about what dog we got because I have allergies, no desire to clean dog hair off furniture and Asa couldn't handle a loud dog. A vet knew a breeder who had a 1 year old male yorkie left and she only wanted enough to pay his shot fees!

Well, Zander has turned out to be Anna's shadow instead of Gracies!! Anna loves it and Gracie seems ok about it too. But then today....

We pulled up to church and someone had left a small, male well behaved dog! Gracie was in love and even though I don't love animals I'm not cruel so we brought him home, put him in crate and gave him water. Ok that's what I did! Gracie day dreamed about what she'd name him and where he'd sleep! She even got my dad to give him a bath!!

So I guess we now have 2 indoor dogs, one for Anna and one for Gracie. Unless of course someone else claims him!!

As if that's not crazy enough when I came in from church tonight Gracie and Cade were crawling around under the deck and in the over grown flower bed chasing 2 kittens! Apparently our Tom cat found a friend before we got him fixed!! The kittens only seem interested in our food and trash!

So, if anyone needs any pets you know where to go now!!!

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