Friday, August 12, 2011

A couple of videos

Here's a couple of videos. The first was at the appt yesterday. Asa scooted right for the sink! We mixed things up by playing with a paper towel too. He'd wet it and then wring it out and tear it up. I figure there's OT skills in there somewhere!

This one was today. I had an eye appt (I'm allergic to the contacts or something!). Asa was rolling all over the waiting room...and messing with buttons and lights and equipment! I'm just so glad he felt like exploring! Afterwards we had to get drops and special solution (I'm so going back to glasses if this isn't better when I go back next week!). We explored a little and Asa found a holla hoop propped against a rack. He grabbed it and started hulaing! So funny!

I wish I had video of another funny activity from today. I laid down in the floor and Asa scooted over to me. He laid his head over on my and hugged me. Then he started trying to get on his knees by rolling onto me. Once he was laying completely over me he started raising up on his arms. So he's in a mostly crawling position with me underneath him!!! He was mainly laying on my face!! And the drool, man the drool! He'd raise up and start wiping it off my cheek. I tell it was the sweetest thing!! Plus it was really good PT work since he can't get into a crawling position! At nearly 4 years old he can't hold a 4point crawl pose much less get it or crawl! I was gonna suggest we scrap that PT goal on his IEP but maybe he will be able to do it one day! Anyway, I sure loved the cuddles or wrestling or whatever he called himself doing! Loved it!!!

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