Monday, October 22, 2012

Donnell Farms

Last week, Asa's whole school took a field trip to a local farm. I went and Cade and Gracie got to go too. Cade was the best big brother and a huge helper! I wish I'd gotten more pics but I was too busy enjoying it all. Asa had a great time and managed very well. It was very windy but the temps were perfect. I was going to try letting him ride the bus but chickened out. He is handling sensory issues much better but I was afraid if he got tired and we had to ride back it might be asking too much! Maybe next field trip!

Check out Asa's finger going for Cade's ear! It's like a jab into your eardrum at random times everyday! Good times!

This is Asa's new laughing face, tongue to the side! He was cracking up at the kids jumping off the hay bales.
Such a good big brother! There were many examples of this big brother love!
And who doesn't love a corn box?!!! And Gracie's hair wasn't that poofy, it was so windy!
Asa loves, loves, loves the corn!
I'm so proud that Asa had a great time and that his whole school got to take 4 busses of 4 year olds out to the farm! It was a great day!

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