Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Up for a Laugh?

Asa didn't go to school today. He was gagging and pukey last night and woke up the same way. He was ok but it can't be fun to be so nauseated and pukey away from home....or anywhere really!

So, he spent the day in our school room with Gracie and Cade today. Gracie and I had our backs to Asa and were deeeeep in studying but I was aware Asa was letting out the big, loud belly laughs. I finally turned around and saw what was tickling him so. He would scoot around collecting card from the Pictureka game and bring them back to the fan that was sitting in the floor. I know, I know, he could loose a finger but he loooovvees the fan and I've watched and he's fairly safe, mostly I'm sure!

Anyway, he'd take the cards back to the fan and drop them on top so they'd blow around! He laughed so hard. Of course, as soon as I started video and he knew he was being watched he calmed a little! I love his laugh and wish I could make it my alarm and ring tone on my phone!!

Tomorrow, Asa's class is taking a field trip to a farm and pumpkin patch. We were gonna attempt the bus but I've chickened out. I think the farm will be enough of a new thing that the bus should wait. Maybe we can try it on the way back from the farm. At least if it doesn't go well the whole day won't be ruined!

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Anonymous said...

Can't help but to laugh with him! So sweet! Love, Mrs. Margaret