Thursday, May 23, 2013

School's out for Summer

Today is our first day of summer break!! I'm usually super excited but not so much this year!

 Asa has had a GREAT year! He's just changed, grown and developed so much. His school is just perfect for him. It was a Pre-K center and all the kids were his size. The playground is perfect for him to play. All the tables are just right for a 4 or 5 year old. His little friends were precious together. His teachers were more than wonderful. I didn't want any of that to end for him! Our plan for next year hit a road bump and is now unsettled. I'm sure it'll work out fine but it's just one more reason for me to dislike change!

Before the year started I had doubts about Asa's ability to handle a full day of school but he handled it like a pro! This year he started eating instead of just drinking his formula. He made friends with some sweet kids that always wanted to take care of him. He loved giving hugs to his friends. He learned how to climb up to the slide and go down by himself. He learned how to go up and down stairs here too!!! He started watching Super Why and interacting along with the show just like he should. We just didn't know what he was saying when he "answered" their questions! Last night he was answering Wheel of Fortune too! He loves letters! There was never a day that I worried about him at school. He had wrapped too many folks around his little finger! Oh, how I will miss the people that took such good care of Asa this year!

Asa's sweet teacher, Mrs. Jeanna

And his aide, Mrs. Brenda

Cade and Gracie are done for this year too. We decided to keep them home this year and used the K12 curriculum through Tennessee Virtual Academy. I really had a hate/love relationship with this until about Christmas. Then it turned into a love/hate relationship. Cade loved being so independent and getting his work done mostly on his own. Gracie and I really started getting into a groove after the Christmas break. We really started having a lot of fun. And surprisingly, she got very independent also! She could log on to the computer and take care of several classes without any help or reminders from me!

In the fall they had to take an online standard test in math and reading. They retook the test a few weeks ago. Both kids did great! Cade was already in the advanced group for math but he also brought his reading up to the advanced level. Gracie went from low average in reading to high average in reading. She also improved her math score even though she was already in the high average group. I'm not a fan of standardized testing but I do like that this test showed me they have improvements and growth this year. I don't think it's fair to test kids against each other but it's a good measure when you test them against themselves. My biggest fear was that I'd waste a whole year and they'd have to go back to B&M school behind. Thankfully this didn't happen at all. We are registered for K12 next year but I'm still searching our curriculum to break out on our own. There's just soooo many choices! One thing is sure though, I love having them home! It's made life a million times calmer and less stressed.

Anna finished 10th grade and there was a small glimmer of hope that she'd try homeschooling. Sadly for me, she decided to stay at South Side! Lol! She branching out and is joining the band next year! She's full of talent but has always stayed away from the public spotlight! I'm excited she giving band a try and I think she'll be great! I still don't know how it's possible for me to have a high school junior!

No matter how much I want time to just move a little slower, 2013-2014 will see us with a Kindergartener, 5th grader, 7th grader and a high school junior! For now we'll enjoy the next 2 1/2 months!

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