Sunday, May 5, 2013

May already.....

I can't believe we are in May already! The year is flying by! There's only 2 more weeks of school. I'll mostly be sad when the school year ends. I feel like we are just really getting a hang of homeschooling and what works best for us. Now it's almost over for a while. And Asa's just having the best year! He's grown so much this year. He loves his friends and they love him. A few little kids especially take care of him. It's pretty adorable! He's teachers love him to pieces too! I'll hate this year to end for him. it just seems so perfect for him! Right now, Asa and anna are both sick. They have high temps and achy when the fever is up but no other symptoms. Asa ran a low temp for several days before today. I hope they feel better in the morning.....or at least have symptoms that let me know what the problem is. It's kinda good that anna has the same thing as Asa. He can't talk so I ask anna how she feels and try to see if he feels the same way! Hopefully, they'll both feel better tomorrow!

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