Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Weekend

Barry is always off on Fridays so when he got to be off for Memorial Day it has seemed like a real loooong weekend! Friday we got a ton of yard work done. I know that may not seem like fun but it really was. More importantly than having a nice yard, it really makes me aware that Asa is doing well enough for us to get involved in projects and actually complete them! Usually we'd start projects and then have to stop for an Asa issue. It left me feeling very ADD and scattered to have so much half done.
 Not to say it was easy! Asa required lots of distraction and redirection! Cade played with him and was a great Asa helper! Cade got out Asa's plastic pool. He hooked up the water hose and let Asa fill the pool up. Once it was full though, we decided it should be in the shade so Cade poured it out and set him back up again. Again, once it was full we decided we should move it to the deck under the big umbrella. Cade poured it out and set asa up again! Thankfully, Asa didn't get outdone with us. All he really wanted to do was play in the water hose anyway! He never actually even got into the filled pool.

 Since we got so much done we decided to invite some new friends over for supper on Saturday. Asa enjoyed helping me cook! We had a great evening!

Then, Sunday we camped out on a creek that runs thru my parents farm. I'll just say that I was NOT into camping out! We had a lot to do today and I just wanted to sleep in my bed! We had a good time though. The kids were excited to get our big tent out. We enjoyed sitting around the camp fire and talking about the stars.

Check out this before and after photo.... This time last year Asa was using his walker to check out the planting. This year he is walking on his own but did like to have Dee Dee along for company while he checked the crops! What a difference a year makes!

Today we were invited to a cookout and fishing!!! Gracie was excited to try her fishing skills out again!

And she didn't leave empty handed!!! She only caught one fish but look how big that one was!! I measured him at 2 flip flop long! Real official, right!

HeeHee, she wasn't sure about the kiss the fish that I suggested!

Anna and Cade are kicking off summer breaking by working at Project Acts with our church youth group. They'll stay away from home and do service projects around town. I hope they have fun but more importantly, I hope they both stretch their boundaries and see the needs of people in our town. We can talk all we want about sharing God's love with others but these guys have a real opportunity to do this at a young age! Praying for their safety and boldness this week!

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