Tuesday, November 5, 2013

No fear.....well, maybe just a tiny bit

Asa has had trouble with stairs since he started walking last year. Not just the regular trouble where he didn't know how to go down stairs. He's afraid of them. And not big stairs, like going off the porch. He has let us help him down the porch or from one level of our house to the other. He would freeze up going off the curb though! Completely freeze and scream and squeal! So he's worked a lot on stairs in all his therapies.

This week in Aquatherapy, he stepped up onto the box, walked over it and back down with no help!!! No holding the therapist hand, no hesitation, and for the first few times no resistance!! Once I got the camera out he did start to hesitant and then would squeal after he stepped down. Still it was great!!

He does his best work when I'm not paying attention. If I speak or he sees me watching, he starts being difficult. I waited until he'd done this up and over several times before I videoed him. Now he loves watching himself over and over!


I can't say enough good things about Aquatherapy! Asa's first steps alone were in the water. Asa's had some great therapist too. He tends to start out great, work hard for a few weeks and once the therapists are wrapped around his finger, he decides to lead the session! And by lead, I mean he only wants to play and not work! You can see how this is a problem. So far all of his therapists have been tough, and he hasn't gotten away with that long! Can you imagine the ear piercing squeals added to screams, both echoing all thru the pool area and into the waiting area? He can be LOUD! Thankfully, he's been pretty cooperative the last few weeks and look how it paid off! I'm so proud of him!

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Anonymous said...

That's great! Jonathan used to be the same way about steps, even just the curb. Now he goes up and down the stairs with no problem! ~Erin