Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ready to Run?

It's that time of the year again! I'm not talking Christmas though! It's time to think about the Mito What? 5K in Millington! That's right! Race registration is open right now! We are hoping for 100 runners by December 25!

There are so many ways to help out even if you don't run. There's the Jack Pack, a 1 mile fun run/walk. Or you can be a Spirit Runner and get a shirt but not run. Or you could just sponsor me this year! I'm going to RUN the 5K....3.1 miles of running! So with all these choices will you help us reach the goal of 100 runners by the 25th?

Just clink this LINK and choose Spirit Runner, Jack Pack, 5Ker or sponsor me!

And just an update on Jack.... He is in Akron, OH with his mom and grandmother. They have had appointments with Dr. Cohen and are waiting on a MRI so they can begin a new drug trial for mito patients!!! We are praying the MRI goes smoothly Friday and they can get started on the new drug, EPI-743, very soon! This has shown lots of promise so we are praying it does wonders for Jackson too!

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